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Mabel's Regular Menu

First start by choosing your dough:

White or Whole Wheat. Gluten Free Dough is available in the medium size only. Just add $3.20 (Prepared by DeHealthy Baker)


Sizes: 12" Medium, 15" Large or 18" X Large




Mabel's Gourmet Your Way

Start out with your choice of dough, Mabel's own tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese.

Medium $8.99 Large $11.99 X Large $14.99

Then add additional toppings.

Medium $1.50 Large $1.75 X Large $2.00




Mabel's Toppings

Cheese_______________ Meat______________ Veggies
old white cheddar grilled chicken sliced red onions
asiago Italian sausage red or green peppers
feta sliced bacon tomatoes
orange cheddar anchovies fresh pineapple
 goat cheese  pepperoni broccoli
 gorgonzola   fresh spinach
 extra mozzarella   artichoke hearts
 double mozzarella (2 toppings)   sundried tomatoes
    hot peppers
    green or black olives
    fresh sliced portabella/white mushroom mix
    fresh basil

Mabel's Express Yourself

Start out with your choice of dough, Mabel's own tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese and then add any 5 toppings of your choice.

Medium $14.99 Large $18.99 X Large $22.99




Blue Cheese Dipping Sauce - $.50

Mabel's Drinks

San Pelligrino Fruit Soda - $1.50

Sparkling Mineral Water - $1.50

Pop - $1.00

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